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Shoulder Pain Causes and Treatments

The major cause for shoulder joint injuries is due to vigorous athletic activities like cyclical, overhead motion that involves swimming, tennis, cricket, and weightlifting. Shoulder injuries can also happen even during normal daily activities like washing clothes, hanging curtains and trimming grass.

The problems of shoulder injuries are not always associated with bones but can be with ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Usually, steady pain, weakness in the arm are felt and also limits joint motion. At a final stage, surgery is recommended.

Symptoms Of Shoulder Injury

  • A weakness in the shoulder
  • Pain and gentleness in the shoulder
  • Pain while sleeping
  • Unable to move the shoulder as usual

Different problems that can effect Shoulder

Instability: The structures surrounding the shoulder joint do not synchronize to the ball within the socket and joint is too loose and hence it causes the change in position which is called shoulder subluxation. The dislocation occurs when the joint comes completely out of space.

Impingement: It is the over rubbing of the shoulder muscle touching the top part of the shoulder region. This is due to the activities like excessive, repetitive shoulder motion.

Rotator Cuff- tendinitis/ tear-: The rotator cuff is the group of four tendons and muscles that surround the shoulder joint. they stabilize and assist the joint during activities like throwing and carrying weights, The shoulder gets restless and starts to bear the strain and leads inflammation of these tendons called rotator cuff tendinitis, an injury or degeneration can rupture them and shoulder will be lose the strength to raise the arm.

Shoulder Pain Care

After the surgery dressing will be done to cover the incisions and it will be removed after two to three days. In case of Shoulder injuries, if they are not strong enough to perform day-to-day activities you definitely have to get consult doctor.

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